This comfortable electric leather lift chair is ideal for watching TV, reading, sleeping, or just relaxing. This wide recliner chair stabilizes the electrical device that will allow you to lift your hand smoothly and safely. With the remote control, the product is easy to operate and makes users more free and easy. This wide recliner chair is comfortable and elegant, with elegant style and reliable performance, all of which are of great value. The wide rocker recliner is made of high-quality leather that can stay in it for hours, especially after surgery or back. Dynamic lift design can push the whole chair to help the old man stand up easily. Recliner chair: adjust the chair back to 135 degrees, reduce seat back, footstool pops up. This chair is suitable for your family and office environment. This roller-coaster back style elevator lounge chair gives you additional comfort and support. On a relaxing night, get into the mat and armrest. This wide rocker recliner can provide smooth action. It matches many styles of decor and adds an ideal complement to your entertainment field. This wide lift recliner is very suitable for elderly people and people who are in trouble. Many people find it very comfortable and luxurious and very supportive of this chair. The lift mechanism works - elevating customers to a position where they can easily start running. Because it stops and stops at any moment, the customer can change his slant posture throughout the day to seek comfort. It's also almost silent while it's moving, so if he decides to make a change while watching his favorite show, there's no annoying motor buzzing. If you buy this chair you will find that he is better than you think. This chair can make it easier for people who are not in action to stand up, very convenient. You can buy this Christmas gift for your loved ones, friends, and this wide lift recliner is very comfortable and easy to assemble and use. The chair has a lot of color, you can choose the color you like to buy.