This comfortable wide lift recliner chair is the ultimate recliner with back, seat and armchairs. The movement of the tag puts you in a siesta, and the zero wall organization allows you to set it on the wall of the living room Soft microfiber: sit and enjoy the soothing comfort of soft polyester in a high-elastic foam pad. Build with a sturdy Angle steel frame and a metal reinforcing seat Modern style: designed in soft mocha beige, this clean armchair is undoubtedly a victory. Soft neutral tone and comfortable feeling are always in style Big size, after a long day there is enough space to expand. Light assembly needs: easy to operate instructions and hardware. Equipped with screw driver for assembly. The large recliner's back, seat and armchairs are comfortable, comfortable heroes. The microfiber decoration is soft, luxurious, and the ultra-wide seat is large enough to hold two. Lean back and kick up your feet to improve your comfort level. The large lift chair has a comfortable and wide seat. Plush pad arm and steel box. Comfortable coil seat, durable and comfortable. Flame-retardant heavy fabrics and cushioning materials run throughout. The time-tested lift is synchronized with the motor to provide a multi-position seat. All electrical components are UL and CE. The steel slanting mechanism has a limited life guarantee. The comfortable coil cushion has a five-year warranty. Safety low voltage motor has three years of quality assurance. Other electrical components have a one-year warranty. All warranties are for the original buyer, not for rental or commercial use. The large lift chair is big, and it's comfortable to sit up or lie down!