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This single recliner sofa has the maximum load capacity: it supports up to 350 pounds of solid steel tube frames and durable polyester fabrics. You will feel safe and secure when using this single recliner sofa. When completely tilted, the chair length is 72 inches. Bending ergonomic design provides you with a comfortable experience Adjustable skew position: the chair can be adjusted with the locking system to give you multiple locations to try before comfort. This single recliner sofa is designed to be comfortable: complete gaskets, detachable cushions, side cup-holders, and flexible bungee systems provide a comfortable experience in your spare time We provide industry-leading customer service for all products This recliner chair with cup holder's wood ridge is very solid with a zero-gravity chair. The head pillow is removable. Once you've adjusted it to where you want it to be, there are two little clips that you can just lock in place. This recliner chair with cup holder is very large and can be attached to its right. There is a piece of wood on the arm. It just swipes and locks, and if you don't need it, you can delete it. However, if you're on the beach all day, it's a great recliner chair with cup holder. The high back recliner design and the way your body is on it won't hurt your body. When it comes back, it does feel like zero gravity. This high back recliner is great! It's so comfortable. This high back recliner, you can take a nap there! You'll be glad when I take it out of the box! She has a cup holder who can also hold a bigger drink. This high back recliner can easily fold up and travel easily. This is our new sofa, love seat and recliner set, which is the traditional and espresso style. It's stylish, attractive, and luxurious PU leather, and every one of the foam and wood filling is comfortable and sturdy enough to fit into the seat area.