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The main material of this recliner chair oversize is to glue leather. This kind of bonded leather lounge chair is a classic traditional design. This recliner chair oversize leather deck chair is decorated with a carefully selected and durable adhesive leather. It includes a unique design that allows full tilt and provides ultimate comfort. This recliner chair oversize is designed to be wider than most others. The black bonded leather lounge chair is filled with filled seats and armrests to help ease the pain. Add an extra style and comfortable rocker recliner oversize to your living room and you'll get a good rest. The rocker recliner oversize has a very special design that can withstand long periods of use. If you buy the rocker recliner oversize online, you'll soon receive the product. This lift recliner oversize material looks amazing, feels soft and very comfortable. This lift recliner oversize can really swing back and forth between sitting and sitting. If you buy this lift recliner oversize, you will be satisfied with your purchase. If you buy a brown choice, it goes perfectly with espresso. The assembly is very simple and finished in 5 minutes. Take your baby from your child to a dream place and use this lift recliner oversize. This soft, comfortable seat allows mom and dad to relax in a comfortable environment. Ideal nursery or bedroom, baby glider chair and beige cushion for most types of home decoration. It was built with solid wood and made it work for many years to come. It has a rich ending that makes it look appealing. The smooth sliding motion provided by closed metal ball bearings helps calm the baby during nap time, feeding time or sleeping time. The cushions in this cherry chair are made of soft polyester to make sure you and your children are the most comfortable. This chair and the finished product of ultraman are both non-toxic and can meet or exceed all safety standards in the United States and Canada.