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If there's a sofa in the living room, you'll get a comfortable rest when you get home. Recliner chair living room will enhance the taste of the living room and make your life more comfortable. The original sofa shield will protect the daily life of accidents in your furniture. We strongly recommend that each piece of furniture is unique and we hope that you will be happy and satisfied with it. Because the sofa is large enough, rocker recliner living room will give you plenty of rest. Lift recliner living room will create a comfortable living environment for you This is recommended to cover the furniture, yes it is the perfect fabric covering the furniture. Order the right size and make a good repair effect and cake in the right place. This is not recommended for leather. It's double-sided. Yes, it's a new season to wear on both sides. The reverse USES fashionable adornment. For example, if you order this chocolate/beige combination, you'll have all the chocolate and chocolate colors and the opposite side of the chocolate. The adjustable shoulder strap will color both sides of the chocolate color. Color on both sides of the same color. It will protect your furniture and it will protect your furniture from dirt. This chair can be machine washable and dry.