This comfortable wide recliner is ideal for watching TV, reading, sleeping, or simply Relax. This wide recliner's stable electrical device allows you to lift your hand smoothly and safely. Remote control, the product operation is simple, the user is more free, easier. Comfortable wide lift chair allows customers to enjoy excellent comfort, elegant style and reliable performance, all of which have great value. This wide lift chair design looks elegant and modern. Strong steel frame. Comfortable armchairs, soft leather. Reclining chair (after using a chair, you must put the chair back in force). An electric chair: reclines to 135 degrees, with back and feet working together. These armchairs are suitable for home and office environment. Quick assembly use includes very easy assembly instructions, easy to assemble. Comfortable chair company America series especially big elevator chair is one piece of furniture that you want to enter after a long and exhausting day. The product weighs 500 pounds and is part of the U.S. series. The three-position comfortable chair includes an emergency 9-volt battery backup system that allows the chair to operate without power. The hot element in this chair is no substitute for the heating pad. This big lift chair is wider and the customer can be more comfortable lying on top, designed for the double pocket of the item you need. Because people come in all shapes and sizes, so should their chairs! The chair provides four different sizes for most people and offers lasting, optimal comfort. It is also suitable for the elderly and people who are inconvenienced. It is a good lift recliner chair for seniors. It is a wide lifting chair designed for 54 to 510 people. It can support up to 500 pounds. Its characteristic is a cushion, can support from head to foot, head and arm rest cover to protest against your investment, there are four colors to choose from: oatmeal, brown sugar, royal, and rubies. The chair is a three-position chair, which means it can be tilted from a closed position to a tilted position or any position in the middle. When you relax in the elevator, the day's troubles go away. Comfort and comfort wrap around your body and calm your mind.