This large recliner chair is made of soft, high-quality PU leather for several hours, especially for post-operative or back problems. The large rocker recliner has an 8 point massage and heating system and a full-body massage to relieve fatigue. It's easy to assemble two pieces, slide the back part down, connect the three cables, and then you're done! No tools are needed. Design and remote control; 2 cup holder; 2 front bags; Side pockets. Customers can enjoy coffee or tea at rest. This luxurious ergonomic massage chair, with ergonomic design, has eight massage node functions, providing you with the most relaxed and comfortable back, waist and legs. In addition, handrails can be adjusted. The cup seat is designed to allow you to enjoy your drinks while relaxing. Ideal muscle relaxation, pain and anxiety and even fatigue, improve sleep and eventually reach the highest level of energy. A smooth, manually tilted function 360-degree rotation, which means that the chair can rotate in a complete circle; Include a joystick feature that allows you to move gently up and down to get the ultimate comfort. 8 o 'clock massage, best relaxed; Including a heating system; The thick cushioned handrails and 2 cups of stents make you comfortable; Strong and durable design, suitable for intensive use; The best leather, comfortable to sit on; It's not a deep tissue comfortable, but when you have a tough day, it feels good! Even at the feet, there are comfortable. It's easy to assemble. The bottom can rotate. So, this large lift recliner is a good choice, whether you buy a break or give it as a gift.