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I went from being very disappointed to very happy about this purchase. When I first sat in it I thought this must be a child's la-z-boy recliner chair. Right away, my expectation of what I purchased dropped way down. This chair of recliner chair la-z-boy should be advertised as a child's la-z-boy recliners or it should be specified as for maybe someone no more than five feet tall. There is no head support at all and a pillow will not help (there's no place to put it, it would be on your shoulders). Also very little leg support (one small foot rest). However, and now to why I rate this recliners la-z-boy five stars. The next morning I thought: how can I use this la-z-boy recliner? It can't be used as a la-z-boy recliner. I really hated to load it up and take it back. I had been wanting a new la z boy leather recliner for my computer. I thought I might as well try it.this la-z-boy recliner chair PERFECT! My computer has a pull-out for the keyboard so I can pull it right up to me. The back of the la-z-boy recliners has great support. I have a plastic mat so the chair slides really well on it. I just push away with little effort. It may not work for everyone, but if you don't want to return it may just work well in your office or just a place to sit for a visitor.

This la-z-boy recliners is a little firm but is still comfortable. I am a short person 5'0 and it is a perfect size for me, I hate when the chair of recliner la-z-boy is so tall that you get a stiff neck when sitting in it and this does not happen in this leather recliner la z boy . There is not a lever to push it back but it works easy enough and coming down from reclining is easier than the chair I had before. I had bought a Lazy Boy that I thought was going to work but it wound up too big and uncomfortable, I have an issue with my knee and this la-z-boy recliner chair works fine. The price is great if you are looking for an economical recliner this is it. Would not be too good for a very large person, the seat area is sort of narrow, but I weigh 200 and it works fine.