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Pro's - looks good, light, easy to unbox/setup, comfortable Con's - low back (for adults) but that is obvious from the product description/photo, the second 'notch' of htl recliner chair is basically an inch further than the first recline 'setting'. The htl leather recliner chairs will not stay all the way back in it's 'fully reclined' position. I think it's a poor design with a horizontal support in the back blocking the htl recliner chairs from reclining as far as it should. If you balance right an don't move - it will stay full reclined but as soon as you shift in the htl recliner chairs then it will bump down to the the first recline position. It works for us for now, but I wouldn't buy another one. Also - we've heard plenty of pops/cracks during normal use which leads me to believe it won't last very long.

I went from being very disappointed to very happy about this purchase. When I first sat in it I thought this must be a child's htl recliner chair. Right away, my expectation of what I purchased dropped way down. This htl recliner chair should be advertised as a child's htl leather recliner or it should be specified as for maybe someone no more than five feet tall. There is no head support at all and a pillow will not help (there's no place to put it, it would be on your shoulders). Also very little leg support (one small foot rest). However, and now to why I rate it five stars. The next morning I thought: how can I use this htl recliner chairs? It can't be used as a htl recliner. I really hated to load it up and take it back. I had been wanting a new chair for my computer. I thought I might as well try it. htl recliners is PERFECT! My computer has a pull-out for the keyboard so I can pull it right up to me. The back of the chair has great support. I have a plastic mat so the chair slides really well on it. I just push away with little effort. It may not work for everyone, but if you don't want to return it may just work well in your office or just a place to sit for a visitor.

I was needing to replace cloth recliners that are primarily used by my grandchildren who live with me. I went back and forth on my options concerned with the heavy use the replacement chairs would undergo. The recliner chairs htl at Walmart popped up in an online ad and I found myself going back to look at reviews several times. We've had the htl recliner chair for a few months now, they were easy to put together,this htl recliner chair look great and are comfortable. As other reviews stated a tall person will find the footrest a bit awkward in the reclining position but it's manageable. I also would have preferred wood instead of the plastic footings but that hasn't been an issue. I originally thought when the grandchildren move out in a few months that I would gift those chairs to them but not so sure about that now.