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But, what do you expect for this price range of homelegance recliner? We've had our chair for four years. It has been unuseable for the past year, but the time and cost of disposing of it is a pain. First, the footrest stopped working of homelegance recliners, and the chair would no longer recline. Gradually, it started popping springs, and the cushion lost firmness. Finally, the homelegance recliner arm on the right side of the chair fell off completely. My husband and I are slightly above average sized adults (175 and 205 pounds) but we should still be within the weight limit for these homelegance recliners. When the chair was still good, we had no children who might play on or abuse furniture. We did use the homelegance recliner chair frequently in a normal way. I would say you can expect this homelegance recliner chair to last about three years with normal usage. Given the cheap price, I would buy it again, and I wish I could buy another since I don't need a chair that will last long (we have another much better quality homelegance recliner chairs in the baby's room that will move downstiars to the living room to replace this chair in a year or so when she is no longer nursing.) Unfortunately, it appears both the black and brown faux leather ones are discontinued, and I don't like the microfiber buy i like this recliner chair homelegance, so I think we will have to look for a different homelegance recliners to replace the Mainstays one that is broken.

I have literally sat in this for about 60 seconds so take my review with a grain of salt. So let's start with the good Good - installation could not be easier of homelegance recliner, pull everything out of the box - screw in the four feet with plastic washers and snap in the back (way easier with 2 people, one to hold the back, one to guide it into the rails) of homelegance recliner, homelegance recliners bottom flap velcros almost perfectly to the bottom. Good - seat is deeper and more comfortable than I would have guessed. Good homelegance recliners - Recline works perfectly fine (very smooth) and has two settings. Neither is what I would call a "full recline" Bad - whoever said that a 6' tall person could actually recline and recliner homelegance and rest their head on this is just being silly. If I scrunch my body down low enough to get my head to rest on the homelegance recliner chairs back , then my knees are fully bent hanging off the homelegance recliner chairs leg support and that's not comfortable at all. Overall - You simply will not find a better homelegance recliner for $150 and believe me because I have spent 4+ years looking. Also most homelegance recliner backs start at 40" and this one is 36" which was very important for my home theater installation. But let's not kid ourselves - this is a $150 homelegance recliner and I have no expectations that it will last as long or wear as nicely as a $300 homelegance recliner