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healthtec Recliner chairs are outstanding with unique designs that provide body support and countless comfort when relaxing,
going for a short rest or curl up in while watching your chosen TV show. OKYOO offers wide variety of incliners like healthtec
Recliner chairs, healthtec Recliners, Office healthtec Recliner chairs, and new style healthtec Recliner chairs. They offer
selection with different styles healthtec Recliners, shades, fabric, sizes and design, so you can very easily find one that’s
perfect on your office or living area. The basic styles of healthtec Recliner chairs are; traditional two-position recliners,
push-back recliners and wall-saver healthtec recliners. Two-position recliner feature upright and reclining jobs. They can lean
back around three feet when fully reclined, doing them good choice for large spaces.
The healthtec recliner chairs are ergonomically with variable positions and accessories. The products of healthtec recliners
will be upholstered by highly skilled craftsmen and its level of quality assured.

healthtec recliner Chair Specifications
1.Shiatsu Massage with Rolling,Kneading and Tapping
2. Air Massage in Lumbar and/or Harley seat (Optional)
3. Vibration Massage therapy with 2pcs 12V vibration magnetic motors in Seat (Optional)
4. Music Function with USB and also Headphone (Optional)
Automatic Backside Recline & Incline, Entire Recline 135º
Automatic Chair Slide Forward and Backward
Swing forward and backward Armrest for Availability
Premium Ultra Leather Upholstery.

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