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I bought this global market recliner chairs for my library/fireplace room. First off, before my purchase- I read every single one of the global market recliner chairs reviews and then decided to go ahead and buy one global market recliner chair. I selected the color in Camel, which from the pics looks like a burnt orange-brown. It is a medium brown global market recliner chair. The kind of brown in most furniture. global market recliners is smaller and comfortable. My kids 11 and 9 put it together and were done in about 10 minutes. It arrived in one huge box of global market recliners! I placed it on an angle of my library next to the bookshelf and recliners global market looks beautiful. Not gigantic eyesore of a global market recliner chairs, and not a kiddie global market recliner chair. It has 3 settings, all of which are very comfortable. Now, your are probably not going to fall asleep in this global market recliners- but for a sitting room or watching a movie, extra seating for company, or just to fill a room- this is the perfect global market recliners!

My local Walmart Center carried this in stock and the sales associates were kind enough to pull their display down to the floor so that I could test it out and i like global market recliner chairs. As stated in most other reviews, this global market recliner chairs is small… but it fit my family perfectly, as we are short people (5'3"). I had my eye on this global market recliner chair for a couple of years until recently when suddenly my store stopped carrying it in stock… I kind of panicked, fearing my chance to purchase it had passed and global market recliners is nice. The only thing that had held me back before was the fact that it doesn't have a lever to operate the recline (the push/pull technique is something I am still getting use to global market recliner chairs). I purchased two black ones at a store across town on clearance of global market recliner chairs. The global market recliner chair black is designed for "theater seating" so the black global market recliner chair do seem to be "black holes" in my living room… a bright throw tossed across the chair softens the harsh black global market recliners. We really like these chairs so much that we thought about getting the "matching" hide-a-bed. DON"T! We saw global market recliners on display at a local store, and global market recliners is even smaller than you would think. Check your measurement BEFORE ordering. It also smaller feet and was built flimsier. Love the old modern clean design look of global market recliners.