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This beige recliner chair allows you to relax when you need it. This beige recliner chair adopts a unique massage technique to ensure that every massage can get a thorough massage. This beige recliner chair features: you can adjust your back and hair. The back can be adjusted from 90-170. The handle on the right side of the heat massage recliner can adjust the back Angle of the massage chair. Use the remote control. Beautiful appearance, fashionable and generous. Use PU leather and comfortable flame retardant foam. Use the scroll wheel to make it easy to move the heat massage recliner. Product specification: surface material: PU leather; Safety design: 1 class This heat massage recliner combines the appearance of an impressive administrative chair with ergonomic features and creates a perfect balance between comfort and design. The seat and back are ergonomically shaped and supported in the right places. You can work and relax at your desk. In your office, work area, or living room, color mixing is perfect. Seat height Modern executive chair artificial leather The adjustable knee mechanism can be adjusted according to the user's weight Ergonomic back cushion Elegant designer armrest and faux leather pad The weight activated casting is installed on the carpet floor. Users have complete freedom of movement in their seats. While standing, the safety brake mechanism blocks the unpopularity of the office chair. When the pressure is placed back on the chair, castors will unlock it. Handrail information: includes the cushioned armrest True relaxation can't compromise style. Luxurious, soft PU leather upholstery and a lift chair heat massage system, the lounge chair looks and feels magical. This chair's ergonomic design has come in a variety of ways to customize your lift chair heat massage experience and perfect integration after a long and hard work. The best option is to proudly display this new leather massage chair. This chair is designed to allow you to relax after a tiring day. It's made of PU leather and gives it an elegant look that can mix any room. It has armrests on both sides, four pockets to hold items, a cup holder on both sides, and a leg that can be folded up to provide rest. In order to provide additional comfort, chair back tilt back, allowing people to relax in comfort. The best part of this chair is its amazing lift chair heat massage function. Simply tuck a chair into an outlet and feel the soothing pleasure of a full body massage. There are different vibrators for the upper back, lower back, thighs and legs. There's a remote on the couch so you can make it from high to low, or you can activate your back and thighs in a chair. The controller also allows you to change five different modes to experience different types of massages and target specific areas.