We received this barcalounger recliner chairs after online shopping for my granddaughter. We received barcalounger recliner chairs in a timely manor and was packaged nicely but i like this recliner chair barcalounger.the price of recliner chairs barcalounger is cheapest, However, after putting the top and bottom together we noticed a huge gap,The color is not the same as the recliner chair barcalounger picture,that we are afraid our precious granddaughter is going to get her fingers caught in and possibly pinched when she's older, between the two pieces near the arm portion. Overall, I still like barcalounger recliners,The velcro is also not fitting together like it should. We have had several people look at and try to fix this barcalounger recliner chair, but there is no other way of putting this barcalounger recliner chair together differently. It seems as if the two pieces are not meant to go together. We are happy with the quality otherwise but not impressed on the attention to detail.But I still recommend this barcalounger recliner chair to my friends。