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Start your productive day by sitting on this 500 pound recliner chair, with the high black fabric head on the swivel arm. The plush office chair has a 4-inch foam, supported on the waist, with a head on the back, and a whole modern chrome accent. The 500-pound recliner chair has breathable black fabric that supports this high quality chair. This 500 pound recliner chair is not only large in space. It is also a fine piece of furniture. The company provides all kinds of office furniture, whether for home or commercial use. Leather receptions, executive chairs, ergonomic chairs and meeting room furniture can be delivered quickly. This adjustable sofa chair is high quality, high speed! This adjustable sofa chair has 500 pounds of black fabric head swivel chair with a ring arm High back chair design and headrest This adjustable sofa chair has built-in support Tilting lock mechanism This auto lift recliner has the tilt-tension adjusting knob Black fabric decoration Especially thick foam pads Wide seat swivel Pneumatic seat height adjustment Gasket arm It's a great auto lift recliner for customers. Before buying, if you normally like to try a chair at an office supply store, you can see that the same style can be ordered online. In my opinion, it is very cost-effective. The outline is perfect for your back and has plenty of seating to fill. If you're a big man, order this chair. It's also good for a tall person, because seat height can be adjusted so high that you don't make your knees tense. Sitting in this chair, you'll have a lot of room, and this chair can be adjusted. Very good office chairs, very affordable. Highly recommended! It's a comfortable chair This is a comfortable and sturdy auto lift recliner.