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The xbox 360 gaming chair has ergonomic bodies embracing a high-backed metal structure, portable headrest, and waist pads that make it an ideal choice for work, study and games.
This xbox 360 gaming chair has a full tilt function. The chair back of the xbox 360 gaming chair can be locked in any Angle between 90-180 degrees (butterfly mechanics).
Xbox 360 gaming chair's handrails are ergonomic and multifunctional 2d sports Pu liners.
The xbox 360 gaming chair has a 360-degree rotatory nylon top wheel, which you can move around without having to stand up at all. It's very convenient.
The maximum weight capacity and back pressure regulator designed for the German metal base and frame 330 LBS.
Human engineering, embrace the high back metal structure.
Detachable bed head and waist pad.
Full tilt function. The back of the chair can be locked in any Angle of the 90-180 degree (butterfly mechanism).
Armrest ergonomics and multi-function 2d sport PU gasket.
360 degrees of rotation smooth motion.
Metal base and frame 330 pounds maximum weight.
Back pressure regulator.

Double gaming chair is an attractive seating solution for any workspace. This double gaming chair has a modern style that goes well with all kinds of decor. Using pneumatic seat height adjustment and tilt locking mechanism, you can customize Settings to suit your convenience. Double-wheel caster ensures double gaming chair's maneuverability. Double gaming chair coffee brown leather upholstery, durable, easy to clean, feel good. Even if you sit in a chair for a long time, you will feel comfortable. Quilting on the seat and back adds details to ensure a long-term filling. This leather high back office chair has many colors to choose from.
Double - pad multi-function office chair:
High back.
The seat and back are thick double liners.
Coffee brown leather upholstery.
Heavy nylon girdle with titanium polishing.
Leather upholstered armrests.
Pneumatic seat height adjustment.
Tilt locking mechanism.
Heavy nylon baseband titanium and black end cover.
Two wheel casters.
There are many colors in the leather high - back office chair.

If you're planning to buy a used gaming chair recently, I suggest you buy a new gaming chair. Because both of the top two game chairs are good and cheap, if you buy a new gaming chair you'll feel better than buying a used gaming chair. It may be cheaper to use gaming chair than a new chair, but a new game chair may take longer to use, and it may be more stylish and functional than the used gaming chair.

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