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This wingback recliner is an ideal chair for any room in your home, and this wingback recliner fits well. Wingback recliner's side has a dotted border, which is stylish and comfortable. The wingback recliner features smooth lines and pastel color pallets to match any decor.
No need to assemble.

The oversized rocker recliner features:
The oversized rocker recliner lever is used to put a foot, and put it back to its original position.
Oversized rocker recliner is mechanical, need a bit of force to restore it to its original position. When it's completely tilted, it's going to go all the way up. Once the rack drops, it shakes.
Oversized rocker recliner adornment material: artificial leather, easy cleaning and maintenance.
Frame material: metal, strong and durable.
The lever is used to hold the foot and restore it to its original position
The deck chair is mechanical and requires a bit of force to restore it to its original position
When it's completely tilted, the foot keeps going up
Does it shake when the footstool falls
Decorative materials: artificial leather
Frame material: metal

Attractive and comfortable brown recliner;
This brown recliner is suitable for use in small rooms;
This brown recliner solid hardwood frame and handrail;
This brown recliner is easy to clean and maintain.
Side knobs can lower the back of the seat and pull the footstool to stretch.