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This white rocker recliner has become the favorite chair of all of our family members, and its base is a sturdy steel frame structure that is reassuring. My husband has 200 pounds, but sits in this white rocker recliner
It's perfectly fine! My 8-year-old son also particularly liked the white rocker recliner, and it wasn't hard to get him assembled when he came. Now, he sits on the white rocker recliner every day for a while. Although it's white, the white rocker recliner fabric is leather, so it's easy to clean.

This upholstered rocker recliner is the best product I've bought online this year. As I lay on this upholstered rocker recliner, my feet could be placed on the footstool. The upholstered rocker recliner has a button on the right to control the tilt of the chair, and usually I lie flat and use this upholstered rocker recliner as a bed. Its spring is strong and won't be easily damaged.

The moment I got this lane swivel rocker recliner, I knew I was buying it right. The brown leather looks upscale, just the kind of lane swivel rocker recliner I want. The handrails, cushions and back are soft and supple, allowing people to sleep immediately on the lane swivel rocker recliner. Working long hours made me feel tired and sore on my shoulders and spine, but as long as I rested for half an hour on this lane swivel rocker recliner, I felt a lot of pain relief. I really like this lane swivel rocker recliner!