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What stores sell gaming chairs? You can go to the furniture store or you can go to the online mall.
Here's your gaming chair recommendations.

This nintendo gaming chair is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, PSP, Wii, MP3 / CD/DVD, home theater, etc.
This extra vibrating motor with the nintendo gaming chair increases your overall experience with bass sync.
When it comes to full immersion video, don't leave without a seat. This carefully crafted nintendo gaming chair provides the perfect service for your game because it surrounds your selection system's auditory and tactile experience. The nintendo gaming chair USES built-in speakers around your head, with modern rocking chairs designed and sleek red and black styling very fashionable.
The sleek black and red decor of this chair can withstand intense games, and its easy-to-clean vinyl makes it ideal for everyday use. Because this chair is collapsible, can be stored, light, comfortable, it is also a great gift and any dormitory perfect equipment.
This nintendo gaming chair features:
The 3-inch full-range arx&trade.
The speaker.
5.5 inch powersub&trade.
IPod&trade/mp3 / psp&trade.
Input and cover.
RCA audio input.
Headphone jack.
Volume and bass control.
RCA multiplayer audio output.
Breathable poly-stretch fabric.
Comfortable, flame retardant foam mat.
Lighting the speaker.

There's also a gaming chair that is compatible with the Xbox Playstation Gameboy.
Its 2.1 sound system has two built-in speakers and subwoofers.
Wireless audio transmission and headphone jack
Side control panel with volume, bass control, and input/output jacks
Ergonomic design, back to back support.
Welcome to the world of interactive audio. With the X rocker radio rocker, you can not only hear your music, but also feel it. Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, you'll be part of it. Be prepared to experience sounds that have never been heard before. The X rocker has a wireless audio transmission, and a 2.1 sound system has two built-in speakers and a subwoofer. The side control panel has volume, bass control, input/output jacks and band switches. There is a headphone jack for personal use. Ergonomic design has complete back support, chair tilting and rotation comfortable while playing. Foldable constructs allow easy storage and portability. This game chair is easy to clean and heavy upholstery plastic covers. Connect to most video games, audio or video devices. Black and silver arms.
What do you think of these two gaming chair recommendations, if you like, just buy them. Now, you know what stores sell gaming chairs?

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