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My wife and I purchased this titan recliners when it was on sale for $419.99 and titan recliners is to date the worst purchase we have made in our 16 years as a married couple. First of all, the picture that is on the Fingerhut website looks amazing! The picture of titan recliner chair, coupled with the Ashley name and the price is why we jumped all over this bargain. However, after owning this recliner for about six months the FAKE leather started to peal off the arms and the back of the titan recliners. I do not know what type of material that Ashley used but it is cheap and paper thin. If you are extremely wealthy and can afford to throe $400-$500 out the window, then this is the titan recliners for you. If you actually think you should get what you pay for then you should avoid buying this chair. I rarely, if ever, write reviews but I felt that I should forewarn people about this chair so more people like me who live paycheck to paycheck are not out this much money for a chair that they can't sell at a yard sale for $30 of titan recliner chair. This chair was rarely sat in and recliner chairs titan looks as though we have had it for 12-15 years, after just one year of minimal use.

I highly recommend the value and quality of this recliner chair titan. Easy assembly. Super comfy. Pet friendly. I have 5 indoor cats and 1 small dog. The leather heats up naturally to help sore bones and muscles of recliner chair titan. The recliners titan is durable and strong for a diverse family of different sizes and ages. The rocking action is quiet and approved by my one month old grandson who enjoys it of recliners titan. It is a great investment to make for one to relax in and recliner titan . It's hard purchasing an expensive item if you do for others before self. But I bought this chair for my relaxation and day naps when I need them. It is worth the investment and i like titan recliner chairs.

I waited approx. 1 year to write this review because I don't feel as though Fingerhut's 30 day return policy is long enough to give an accurate opinion on a piece of furniture and titan recliners. So, with that in mind I have to say that as far as I'm concerned this titan recliner is a real piece of junk! The material is not real leather titan recliner. The front of the armrest's crack and tear from repeatedly pushing on them when you try to stand or sit and titan leather recliner is nice. The padding constantly slides out of shape and need's to be accessed via the zippers and fluffed up and readjusted and titan leather recliner. The only way of using the warranty is to send the titan recliners back to the mfr.by way of common carrier freight and you pay the shipping both way's to and from and you pay for any repairs. This titan recliners is definitely NOT worth the money!!!