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This pride seat lift chairs have a capacity of 500 pounds.This pride seat lift chair is suitable for watching TV, reading, sleeping, or just sitting and relaxing. If you or someone you love needs help sitting down or standing up, this pride seat lift chairs provide perfect solution... This pride seat lift chair gives you a sense of personal independence. By pressing a button, the chair will rise gently or backward. The electric motor provides a smooth transition from slanting to a standing position for those who are unable to enter or leave the chair. The upper position is the three-position lifting chair - close, partially oblique, and fully oblique. The above feature is a combination design and lounge chair comfortable seat. The dynamic slanting allows you to automatically reverse to any position.
The pride seat lift chairs a durable and durable chair. Its wooden frame is constructed from the laminate/hardwood of the engineering furniture class.
The chair also includes a complete battery backup so that you can still operate the chair without a power outage.

This leather electric lift recliner chair is a very comfortable elevator seat with unparalleled price. With the removable padding of the leather electric lift recliner chair, you can customize this chair to give you the appropriate amount of support. After a long day, fully lying down is the best way to relax. This leather electric lift recliner chair has a wooden frame made of engineering furniture class laminate/hardwood, which can increase strength and durability. It also has a heavy lift drive mechanism and scissors mechanism, as well as integrated battery backup to prevent power outages.
Comfortable leather electric lift recliner chair gives you a better rest. Adequate support means you can sit comfortably in a comfortable environment, while a wall hugging design only needs to climb four inches from the wall to allow the chair to lean back or rise. Durable polyester microfiber fabrics or 100% bonded artificial leather fabrics are easy to clean, while cable power control means that opening and closing can be done with push buttons. Even better, a convenient side pocket can keep the remote control within reach.