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The lift chair on the gel injection foam to keep your cool, reduce the pressure of a typical points, provide a sense of luxury, they experienced a "pressure map", to ensure that in all the most important in the field of filling and support can provide real and comfortable.
The lift chair is technically advanced in carbon fiber heating elements, which is a uniform heat transfer through the carbon fiber surface of a carbon fiber surface evenly distributed heat, including different acoustic massages.
The lift chair has the perfect clipping, three-position machine, quiet motor, double-side pockets, built-in environmental protection materials, and the performance of the lid for easy care and cleaning.
Size: overall seat size: w35d39 h41, seat size: W 20,d22, h20, weight capacity: 375 LBS, user height: 5 '4' -6 '5'
"Industry best" - product warranty: life frame and institutional guarantee of the lift chair.

Treatment chair of chair of chair of chair of lifting chair, 3 position, adopt carbon fiber hot massage. The chair is the most advanced and technical chair in the market. This is a best lift recliners for elderly.
This best lift recliners for elderly has a power tilt and lift function.
This best lift recliners for elderly includes a power line controller that adjusts multiple positions from the seat position to the lift position.
This best lift recliners for elderly is easy to operate, you just need the remote control.
This power lift recliner loveseat will be a wonderful addition to your home. This power lift recliner loveseat is easy to operate and has smooth lifting and slanting. The side pocket contains a two-button wired controller so you don't forget it.

Power lift recliner loveseat, a variety of colors:
Power tilting and lifting function;
Including power line controller, adjust multiple positions from seat position and tilt to lift position;
Close back/seat cushion;
Arm: curved track;
Soft and durable bonded leather upholstery;
Double leaning;
Yi jia general assembly;
The power lift recliner loveseat has soft leather upholstery and smooth surface to avoid sweat and skin sticking to the material. Super plush sleeping and comfortable sleeping position.

Reclining seat
Soft key leather interior
High density foam pad