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I am 6 feet tall and weigh about 230 pounds. The executive chair is comfortable for me. Especially considering the price of the executive chair, this is a good chair to buy. The height of the chair and the inclination of the back of the chair can be adjusted to meet the needs of different people. In the lowest position, my feet can hit the ground completely, so I usually raise the executive chair height and place my feet on the rotary base. The seat and back of the chair have soft fillings, and even if I sit on the executive chair for a long time, my hips and back won't feel particularly stiff or painful. If you also need a cheap and comfortable office chair, I would recommend the executive chair.

This executive table and chair is really a worthwhile chair. My boyfriend is a programmer, and long hours of work make him feel very stiff in his back. I spent a lot of time on the Internet looking for a comfortable, inexpensive executive table and chair until I found okyoo. Amazon and Houzz have a lot of these chairs, too, but they are expensive and not particularly good. Okyoo is not a well-known brand, but their products are cheap and comfortable. The executive table and chair seat, backrest and armrest inside filled with very soft objects, and sit on it feels very comfortable, even long time every day to work, also can provide very good cushioning and support for the back and hips.My boyfriend has been using this executive table and chair for more than half a year. He said the pain in his back eased a lot. I was going to buy him another one in the study.

If you're still looking for a cheap and comfortable office chair, I think the high back executive leatherette office chair is a good choice. It's more comfortable than the expensive ergonomic chair I used to use. First, it has a nice color, and the chocolate color makes the high back executive leatherette office chair look more warm and elegant. Secondly, the golden steel frame base makes the chair look very strong. The same is true. I weigh 260 pounds and sit on this high back executive leatherette office chair without any feeling of wobbling or insecurity. I like most of all is the spacious warm back of a chair, to provide sufficient buffer for my back, even if every day I sat in the high back executive leatherette office chair work over ten hours above, also won't feel particularly tired.