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Swivel recliner: in this pair of electric elevating recliners, just push the button and the lift will give you back the rest of your experience.
This swivel recliner starts with comfortable support, comfortable support, high back, thick cushions and faux leather upholstery. This swivel recliner has a sturdy Angle steel frame and metal reinforced seat, very strong, and you can use it for a long time without worrying about its quality.
The swivel recliner's black decor looks like leather, but it's actually thick, multi-fiber and feels good. This neutral color looks great for all kinds of living room decor.

This black recliner is very easy to assemble, and you can complete it in 10 minutes.
This black recliner looks very stylish and versatile, and whether you're buying this black recliner or putting it in your living room or in your bedroom, it's perfect.
This black recliner has an oblique movement mechanism.

This recliner with cup holder has a tight back and seat cushion, as well as an armrest and a cup seat, because there is a cup seat, so you can enjoy your drinks while reading and entertaining.
This recliner with cup holder can provide comfort, style and value for your house. The recliner with cup holder has reflective smooth styling, and comfortable seats and sleek interior furnishings provide a relaxation of the seat to the toes and a tilt mechanism that can easily reach the outside handle. Use this recliner with cup holder to update your living room environment, which is good for any space to relax, snooze, or read. It has four different decorations decorated with linen or microfiber.
Multiple colors;
Inclined motion mechanism (external door latch handle);
Tight back and seat cushion;
Armrest and cup holder;
Pillow, handrail.