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This soft gaming chair is made of polyester fabric cushion and is very soft and comfortable. This soft gaming chair has spacious and comfortable seats and thick cushions to enhance comfort. The single chair consists of four solid wooden legs, which can provide more stability and security and can serve you for a long time.
The soft gaming chair is high enough, the back of the chair can provide great support, at the same time can also provide handrail design, in the movies, play games, read, or chat with friends when sitting in a chair is a very good choice. This soft gaming chair has plenty of room to add a small pillow to give you more support.
This is a perfect addition to the lobby, lounge, living room or bedroom. This soft gaming chair is a medieval gray color that can be perfectly matched with any decorative theme.
This arm-chair is easy to assemble, just put your legs together. All required attachments and instructions are included. Guarantee of after-sales service quality.

Welcome to the world of interactive audio. With this mens gaming chair, you can now not only hear your music, it can also give you a sense of what you're feeling. Whether you're listening to music, watching a movie or playing a game, you'll be part of it. The mens gaming chair has two speakers hidden in the earphone, a subwoofer, using the Ace Bayou innovative audio power modulation technology, the component of combined internal open space amplifying sound quality. The black mens gaming chair is placed on the track to make it more comfortable than the rest of our floor rocker. The control panel includes a separate volume and bass. The input and output jacks allow you to connect to your audio source and other x-rocker multiplayer games. Built-in wireless receiver; Include your wireless transmitter, which can be sent to your game chair via headphones or RCA to send audio.
The mens gaming chair has two speakers and a low sound gun using AFM technology, a total of 2.1 sound immersion experiences.
It has a built-in radio wireless receiver, including a wireless transmitter that works with any source that the RCA outputs.
This mens gaming chair is ergonomically designed, with high back support and good arm stability.

The ps4 gaming seat is elevated to the most comfortable floor rocker position of X rocker in orbit.
This ps4 gaming seat is perfect for playing video games, listening to music, watching TV, reading and relaxing.
It also applies to all game consoles/PCS.
This ps4 gaming seat can be fully compatible with ps4 ps3,ps2,ps1,Xbox one, and Xbox 360.
All the stability you need.
Total adjustment control, the lightest total weight.
The ps4 gaming seat gear remover can be mounted on both sides of the open wheel racing simulator.
Its simple design and high-quality material make it a unique accessory for any steering wheel and video gaming platform.