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This small recliner lift chair has the power lift function: this is the appropriate body to stand up from a sitting position with difficult elderly individuals.
The small recliner lift chair also has a power tilt function: this gently leans on the push button of the chair to allow it to be a complete recliner.
The extended footrest of small recliner lift chair provides a good position to sleep or just relax, read or watch TV.
Small recliner lift chair has elegant polyurethane leather upholstery and high density foam, which is stylish and comfortable.

Side pocket of pride electric lift chair: a large bag on the right side of the chair includes remote control and other small objects.
Our pride electric lift chair can make it easier for older people and sick people to stand up from their chairs, thereby enhancing their mobility, comfort and independence. It's as simple as pressing a button on the remote control. You can also keep the pride electric lift chair up to a higher level, then sat down to make it easier to sit, instead of bending down, this for those who suffer from arthritis, or other health problems is a good choice.
Features of pride electric lift chair:
3 all-electric lifting chair, full tilt;
Heavy steel lifting mechanism;
Fashionable PU leather, lining comfortable interior foam;
Side pockets are used for line remotes and other small objects.

This is a three-position lifting chair, partially sloping, and full tilt. This versatile design features the addition of rolling arms, back buttons and comfortable seats. The oblique motion of the power allows you to automatically reverse to almost any position. It also has a convenient side pocket to store magazines, newspapers, or remote controls.
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