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The slim recliner chair, with its cushioned seat and wide arms, feels very comfortable and reassuring.
This slim recliner chair has a smooth, slanting mechanism, which is very easy to operate.
This slim recliner chair, with a high back design, will make you feel very comfortable.
The slim recliner chair, with its flat style and luxurious design, is a perfect complement to any room, providing the right support for your back and legs. It has tufted cushions, cushioned seats and pillow arms that create a cocoon of comfort. To raise the pedals, simply lean back against the chair, as there are smooth thrusters.

This recliner sofa chair can be well adapted to any room decor, so buy one!
You can sit in this recliner sofa chair enjoying your favorite TV show. To increase comfort, the recliner sofa chair is equipped with a heavy steel structure and foam seat. The recliner sofa chair features a very versatile seat and backrest design that can easily fit into any room.

This reclining small leather rocker recliner's clean arm design makes it look modern. This small leather rocker recliner has a lasting architectural style and stylish style that combines fashion and functionality.
Features of this small leather rocker recliner:
Design of reclining chair;
Made of environmentally friendly leather;
Foam filling;
Steel mechanism;
Black leather upholstery.
The small leather rocker recliner will provide you with comfortable, and increased shaking functions. Gentle rocking back and forth is comfortable for both adults and babies. Heavy cushions add comfort to your comfort level while relaxing. Durable leather upholstery for easy cleaning and regular care.
Pad seat, back and arm;
Joystick function;
Soft leather and polyurethane for added flexibility and durability;
CA117 flame retardant foam.