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This sleep recliner chair designed a storage area and a cup holder for each arm. The sleep recliner chair can be converted into a full-size bed with the touch of the hand and covered in a durable, anti-stain, 100% polyester microfiber. The sleep recliner chair also designed a storage area and a cup holder for each arm Use the hand touch to convert the sleep recliner chair into a full-size bed and cover it in a durable, stain-resistant 100% polyester microfiber. This sleep rocker recliner comes with two pillows Sofa pillow is a kind of versatile furniture, it has a 3 position click style hinge, can let you sit, recline or sleep comfortably 10 "pillow cushions for extra comfort. The sleep rocker recliner has a self-contained compact coil spring system The sleep rocker recliner back setting can increase sleep comfort Cushions can accommodate full-size sheets to sleep Steel seat and back rack, metal and metal connection, strength and durability Innovative engineering and packaging design enables the project to be implemented This sleep lift recliner can be assembled in the actual room This sleep lift recliner has environmentally friendly and efficient product designs that use less fossil fuel based components in construction and delivery Decompose it into recycling at the end of use to gain extra peace of mind The elastic cover is a sheet cover made of soft poly/cotton blended and spandex material. Its stretch quality provides a clean, customized look for the box and the t-mat furniture. Its characteristic is adjustable arm width and inner fold, to reduce friction. This sleep lift recliner is a quality product and its durability and performance standards are second to none. Many of the patterns have a dual effect of the Scottish envelope to resist and release stains. An attractive and affordable solution for consumers who need to protect furniture, soft poly/cotton blended micro suede. Machine is easy to wash. There are many attractive colors.