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This sleep lift recliner chair is comfortable lying on your back. The sleep lift recliner chair, designed to sit comfortably, features a spacious seating area, luxurious armrests and a soft lounge chair. This trendy sleep lift recliner chair is where you want to go after a busy day. This sleep lift recliner chair features four colors to choose from; Comfortable and luxurious weapons; This catnapper recliner has a pillow cushion; Plain fabric made of 100% polyester, plus foamed plastic; Oversized; Foam mat; The tilted; Wash only with water-based shampoo or foam pad cleaner. This catnapper recliner does not use solvents when cleaning. Do not soak in liquid. Fluffy fabrics may need to brush their teeth to restore appearance. This catnapper recliner's cover should not be taken apart. Quality characteristics: omega oblique cutting mechanism, with "limited life assurance" as the most stable and quiet reclining mechanism, is the precision manufacturing of years of operation. The catnapper lift chair has a 100% steel seat box, the strongest seat case ever made. No warping or splitting in this critical area! Direct drive cross rod to ensure the operation of the two sides of the mechanism, lengthening life in sequence. Composite steel base, the most durable rocker base, in the automotive industry. Resist bending or abrasion. The spring system, with a bent steel spring of 8 feet, provides strength, comfort and flexibility on the seat. The spring is installed in the steel seat box with a computer positioning steel clip. No wood can be bent or divided. Only quality grade, 8 specifications of unqualified wire rope, seat spring for providing superior support and comfort in the seat system. ; Each corner joint of solid hardwood seat case is double tenon nail, and the steel "L" bracket is used for durability and quality. ; Each arm is installed in the seat box, using heavy bolts (not nails). Thus, the quality of this catnapper lift chair is very good. Recline: manual, fabric: heavy weight - "extra p added" micro - denier fabric. This catnapper lift chair style: comfortable lounge chair, the style of the catnapper lift chair's back: with a wide wing channeling, arm style: "extra p" pillow arm, which weighs 250 pounds. Additional features include: color express, rotary glider lounge chair.