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Seat lift is a seat for users: 51 to 56.
This seat lift has the function of lifting chair. This seat lift covers plush. Based on restful hours of relaxation and sleep, there is now a standard full seat lift. This seat lift combines the best parts with the superior design to provide you with the greatest quality, comfort and style. This seat lift's leg leveller provides good security and stability, USES optimal control during lifts and diagonally, releases the selected buttons and allows for wide selection of positions. A quiet, quiet lift system.

The power lift chairs for elderly, with high density foam and solid wood frame, provide maximum comfort, flexibility and stability
The power lift chairs for elderly have adjustable backs and legs that allow you to lie in bed (reclines to 135 degrees).
The power lift chairs for elderly is integrated with a power lift device that pushes the entire chair up from its base to help the elderly stand up easier.
The power lift chairs for elderly are two cup holders and three storage bags to rest your drinks and magazines. A full cushioned chair cushion comfortably supports your back and legs with a bulging arm and back.

This power lift chairs for elderly product details:
Adjustable backrest and leg rest;
Integrating a power lift device can push the entire chair from the base to help the elderly stand up.
Wood frame, strong and durable, suitable for intensive use;
2 cup holders, one side bag on the side of the handrail, two pockets in front of the handrail;
The cushion is full of high density foam, very soft and comfortable;
Easy to assemble.
Are you still thinking of lift chair rental? This chair is very affordable, and if you buy it, it's far better than the ift chair rental. So stop thinking about ift chair rental and buy this chair!