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It is relaxed on this kind of rocking leather recliner, because it uses a wooden frame, so it is very solid, so it has good stability. It's a good place to sleep or read. If you buy this rocking leather recliner, your room will look more stylish under its costume.

In addition, use this in your office to provide a spacious, versatile lounge for your guests and colleagues. The small electric recliner chairs, covered with black bonded leather, look elegant and dignified, suitable for offices, home libraries or advanced studies. Neutral colors make this chair easy to incorporate into your decor.
The fabric of small electric recliner chairs: raw
Color: black.
Simple assembly.
Strong structure.
Neutral colors can be matched with any decoration.
This small electric recliner chair can be extended to the foot and can be tilted back.

This is our new small electric recliner chair, which is perfect for watching TV, sleeping, reading, or relaxing. The small electric recliner chairs are made of high quality recycled leather, filled with high density sponges, odorless and very soft. This small electric recliner chair is easy to operate and features a very quiet, smooth lift and tilt. Just push the button and it will lift you up smoothly. Have a cup on each side so you can keep your favorite drink at hand. It is ideal for those with leg and foot problems that can help the elderly stand safely in a chair. Don't hesitate to take it home! This is a recliner chair lowest price, not only its price, but also its quality. So bring back the recliner chair lowest price!