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The rocker gaming chair is designed with advanced ergonomic design that provides superior cushioning and support for long periods of time.
The rocker gaming chair is very fashionable, and it USES colorful upholstery and faux leather fabrics to provide the highest level of comfort.
The rocker gaming chair USES an ak-designed handrail and an ak-designed aluminum 5 star pedestal, which is sturdy and durable. This rocker gaming chair is filled with flame retardant foam, very comfortable and safe.

Clear your posture and be ready to experience this gaming chair with speakers. The gaming chair with speakers, made of steel frames and anti-fouling pu leather, is ergonomic and can support players of all sizes. If you need to take a nap during a long day, use the fourth hydraulic lift to seamlessly adjust the height, or tilt to an almost flat position. This gaming chair with speakers' armrest is highly adjustable, and if you want to take a smaller approach, you can move. This gaming chair with speakers has 12 degrees of sway that is suitable for fidgeting and rock. Provide additional support, including a waist and head mat.
Near the head of gaming chair with speakers, there are two built-in speakers and a subwoofer near the base, providing an auditory experience you've never had. The control panel on one side can completely control your experience. The ergonomic design of the chair provides a comfortable cushion, spacious armrest and full back support.

The xbox gaming chair is double comfortable: accord with human body engineering design of free USB electric massager, pillow pillow and waist pillow mat, wider thicker armrest, ergonomic shape, a bigger seat cushion for leaning on, wider back, adjustable footrest.
This xbox gaming chair USES high-quality materials: high quality PU leather (easy to clean and discolored), and high density sponge (high toughness and high permeability).
The xbox gaming chair is designed to be integrated with metal frame, international standard for explosion-proof gas springs, and a good stable structure for beavers.
In addition, the xbox gaming chair is versatile: 360-degree rotation, 90-180 degree backward motion, smooth handrail and seat height adjustment, movable head pillows and waist cushions, all ideal seating.