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This red leather recliner is a modern lounge chair: add a modern color to your living room and make your life more comfortable and stylish. This red leather recliner is a showman with a bold salsa red ending that is very colorful and very fashionable. This red leather recliner, if used in the living room, will give the impression of a bright light.
This red leather recliner cushion is very comfortable: it has plush cushioning, faux leather upholstery. The small rocker recliner has a simple ringed tilt.

This small rocker recliner has a corner blocked frame and a metal reinforced seat, so it's very durable.
The small rocker recliner's elaborate design can be seen in detail: delicate tufts, weather-beaten leather, heavy arms, creating a comfortable feel.
In addition, the small rocker recliner has very little noise.
Small assembly: simply use a screwdriver (not included) to install easily disassembled chairs, and your recliner can enjoy it.

The oversized recliner chair provides a weather-beaten durable upholstery leather appearance, cleverly designed details, to support the back, a subtle pull tag mechanism and a lot of filling arm. The oversized recliner chair adopts polyurethane/polyester/cotton/leather decoration, very easy to clean and maintain.
The oversized recliner chair is characterized by:
Glider-Reclining mechanism;
Oversized seats;
Zip fastener;
Pocket coil seat;
This lovely oversized recliner chair provides comfortable seats, style. A smooth fabric cushion provides a relaxation from the seat to the toe, easily reaching the external handle to operate the tilt mechanism. The oversized recliner chair with dark brown and dark grey two colors to choose from. Its assembly is so simple that you can complete it in 15 minutes. This is a very fashionable deck chair, buy immediately!