Recliner's delivery weight is 81 pounds, but customers and ups drivers can move it to the third floor easily. It's easy for customers to unpack and assemble. Recliner is divided into two parts, which are very easy to fold for the object. Recliner is inclined, sitting up or lying down comfortably. The part that regulates the Angle of the recliner is very good, and the Angle of the chair is easy, and it's easy to make it stand upright. This recliner is very good and cheap, the material is very good, and it is very comfortable to sit on. When you look at the physical object of this recliner, it's easy to put your hands on it, and this recliner is easy to assemble, buckle up and just do it. The material is polyester microfiber, very strong and convenient to clean. Taking a nap on lift chair is a great thing to imagine, and it's a happy thing to be able to take a break in a comfortable environment. It's so comfortable to have a recliner chair to sit on and relax after work every day. And the price of this recliner chair is relatively suitable, and the quality is excellent. It is worth purchasing. If you have a recliner chair, it not only works as a chair, but also allows you to experience the unique functions and comfort of recliner chair. Therefore, lift chair is well worth buying.