This recliner for sale adds some rustic flavor to the interior design of the home. It is made of very good quality leather and has comfortable legs and knee support pads. It's very comfortable to sit up or lie down. This recliner for sale has a variety of colors to choose from, and its tone is well matched with any type of neutral upholstery or wooden furniture. This lift chair for sale's dual-function rocker lounge chair is in the seat back, cushion and solid frame structure. High quality coils and foam seats provide the best durability. You can use a simple lever release device to place your lift chair in a relaxed position. This rocker chair has a double functional rocker. Seat height: 19". Solid frame structure Full cushioned seat cushion, leg and knee support The drain seat and back cushion Easy to lever-release tilt mechanism Minimum assembly requirements 1 year of limited quality assurance This recliner chair for sale when you buy, you can fill the mat and make this chair the best place to watch TV or nap. It's not super big, but it's comfortable and has a good rocker/tilt. A solid foot pad is a plus point, so that if a customer raises a cat, they can relax their cat easily and have plenty of room for legs and feet. The stuffing is good and thick. This recliner chair for sale fabric soft, almost like a child to accept blanket, and will hide stains, and it is very appropriate, the chair has good filling, so sit above or very comfortable lying on it.