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Comfortable chair is very good for small space, it is a good place for a nap or reading a book, and this chair has a recliner cup holder, let you in the rest of the time can enjoy a cup of coffee or a cup of tea to bring comfort. Sturdy frame and sturdy feet to increase stability and strength. The frame has dark wood trim, which adds to its overall modern style and visual appeal. Recliner living room will be more stylish with this lounge chair. Easy to maintain, just wipe clean with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dirt. The rest of the foot can rise to half of the recline and chair can also be completely tilted. There is no handle mechanism, so we have to push back. It's going to be half way down. Recliner living room will look very simple and generous. The chair is characterized by interior decoration and wooden legs, with a black hue to complete the simple appearance. Use this elegant and modern work to update a formal lift chair living room. Whether alone or in pairs, this chair will last for years because it preserves its beauty and elegance, and makes lift chair living room beautiful and elegant. The rich color is a perfect pair, with all your existing decorations, effortlessly easy. Comfortable and chic, provide an excellent reading chair for your living room, home office or bedroom. This chair is recliner cup holder, this chair has a big seat space shape and different using lightweight material of polyester and sturdy steel frame can support 300 pounds more portable and removable headrest design for users and cup holder adjust their satisfaction and any they like to drink. This lounge chair can be used in gardens, courtyards, beaches and any other outdoor activity