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This cheap swivel rocker recliner is a plush rocker recliner with a full filling.
This cheap swivel rocker recliner has full deck chairs and 360 rotation functions.
This cheap swivel rocker recliner's surface covers soft, durable, bonded leather upholstery

Easy assembly is a distinct feature of this cheap swivel rocker recliner. This black leather swivel recliner chair is made of durable, bonded leather, and its cushions and backrest are fully filled, making it very soft and comfortable to sit on. The black-leather swivel recliner chair recliner chair is also very easy to use.
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Sit in this black leather swivel recliner chair, and you can always find a relaxed position to take a break! Now, you can use this black leather leather swivel recliner chair to enjoy the best of both worlds, and it will allow you to sit comfortably in your office chair. The back of the high back office is extended backwards to gain greater support. The lateral waist pillow provides a powerful back support to allow your back to rest comfortably. Leaning back the lever allows you to lock in where you want to be, making you feel more comfortable. Chairs can easily rotate 360 degrees to maximize your workspace. The pneumatic adjustment handle allows you to easily adjust the seat to the height you want. This ergonomic chair will give you enough support to finish the day's work.

The features of this black leather swivel recliner chair are:
Contemporary office chair.
High back design and headrest.
Headrest cushions are removable.
Lie back on the oar control.
Removable external waist pillow.
Dual paddle control mechanism
Inner-Coil spring pad.
Pneumatic seat height adjustment.
Heavy metal base.
Two wheel casters.
Leather soft leather and polyurethane for added flexibility and durability.
Fill CA117 flame retardant foam.