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This recliner chair contemporary rocking chair is a great place to refresh your mind, and after a long day, you can relax.
The recliner chair is decorated with ultra-luxury polyester, providing a lasting comfort. A pull - down movement allows you to relax on it.
The recliner chair is a deep Burgundy that gives people a soothing feel. In addition, this is a low-key recliner chair, but it's colorful and you can pick up a chair that goes with your room.
Assembly requirements: easy-to-follow instructions include. Need screwdriver for assembly (excluding)

Lovely oversized recliner provides comfort, style and value for your room. The oversized recliner smooth microfiber seat cushion for leaning on is provided from the seat to the relaxation of the toes, accessible outside the handle to manipulate the tilting mechanism. The oversized recliner is light brown. The oversized recliner appearance is very elegant, fashionable, I believe you will like it. Material: MFB, wood, thickness, foam, metal sliding - tilt mechanism.

Recliner couch: enjoy comfortable comfort in a stylish design. Soft rocking motion and feel-good interior decoration
The recliner couch is very chic: the back cushion is designed to make the deck chair clean and modern. The single pull rod pulls back and raises the foot. This recliner couch's Angle frame and metal reinforcing seat make it more rugged and durable.
Luxuriant soft cushion: soft and comfortable touch, the light brown polyester decoration of the deck chair has very good texture. A rich earth tone is a natural complement.
Comfortable size: its streamlined design, the lounge chair is a perfect fit for those who want to pamper themselves, minus the heavy appearance of many reclining chairs.
This recliner couch is really great and the price is reasonable. Buy it!