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Recliner chair covers protects your furniture from daily wear, spills and stains! Ideal families have babies, children, and detached cats or dogs as pet couch protectors.
The recliner chair covers the hands of a convenient pocket, perfect for reading materials, glasses, remote controls, etc.
This recliner chair covers your furniture and adds softness and warmth to your furniture.
Material type: polyester fiber.
Pattern: solid type leaves, quilted veins
To make a simple makeover for any living room, simply cover an old sofa with a recliner chair cover. Our furniture covers can also be used to prevent tears, tear, stains or hair from pets or standard daily use. Select the reversible furniture cover and theme furniture cover we chose and enjoy a new look in your home.
Catnapper burns 4847 power double motor with an infinite level of recliner. Dual recliner allows the back and the ottomans to move separately. This dual recliner has an extra wide seat.

This dual recliner features:
Display plywood frame;
Foam plastic back and plush arm;
The mechanism of the tilt of the patent;
While you are leaning, you lie comfortably in the arms of the dual recliner.

The catnapper recliner features a spacious seating area, a luxurious armrest and a soft seat for a pillow. This trendy catnapper recliner is where you want to go after a busy day.
This catnapper recliner features:
There are four colors to choose from;
Comfortable and luxurious weapons;
Cushion chair;
Plain fabric made of 100% polyester fabric with a layer of foamed plastic;
Foam mat;
The tilted;
Only use water-based shampoo or foam pad cleaner and do not use solvents. This catnapper recliner's smoothest, quietest tilt mechanism is precision manufacturing for years of operation.
100% steel box, the strongest box manufacturing. No warping or splitting in this critical area!
This catnapper recliner is really great, just buy it!