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My husband and I had been looking for a smaller type of recliner chair china for our bedroom. I've checked out furniture store and most of the recliner chair china that I came across were to large for the space I needed it for and China Recliner Chair suppliers is best of okyoo. I came across this China Recliner Chair and after my husband and I read all the reviews of Recliner Chair Manufacturers, checked out the diameters of the chair we decided to go ahead and order it. First because the price was in excess of $50, shipping was free of okyoo recliner chair suppliers, it was delivered straight to my house at no extra charge. The China Recliner Chair arrived in perfect condition. Assembly was a no-brainer, 4 legs to screw on and the back of the chair slips right over two metal pieces. After assembly, I had my husband to try it out. My husband is 511, 230lbs. He sits in the China Recliners perfectly in a sitting position however when you recline the China Recliners his feet and head do hang off. Myself on the other hand, I'm 504 and fit perfectly in the China Recliners, my head does not hang off in a reclined position, however from my ankles down my feet hang over the bottom of the recliner chairs made in china. For the price, the China Recliner Chair suppliers is exactly what we needed it for and fits perfectly in the space it was intended for. I am very pleased with this product and wish I would have done a little more research when we did our media room because we could have saved over $1,000 on theater chairs and i love China Recliner Chair suppliers and okyoo Recliner Chair Manufacturers. My Pom Nikko also appears to enjoy the China Recliner Chair as well

I bought this mainly for the price, because I liked the appearance and China Recliner Chair, but also because I have a small living room, and the size of China Recliner Chair is perfect for that. It was fairly easy to put together, although it was a little difficult to get the back inserted fully onto the posts of China Recliner Chair. At first I didn't have it all the way inserted, and the China Recliner Chair back was higher than it should have been, which was very comfortable and seemed a lot nicer than when I realized the back needed to be pushed down more. The chair of China Recliner Chair looked better like that, but wasn't as comfortable, lol. Still, I like it a lot though. It is very nice looking of recliner chair suppliers, and although it is small, and my feet hang off of it, and my head is above the chair back, it's still wonderful of recliner chair suppliers. It is pretty comfortable and this recliner chairs made in china, especially for me, since I used to sit at the kitchen table a lot, and being able to put my feet up is heavenly. I gave it four stars for features, instead of five, because I would love recliner chair suppliers if the feet could come up without the back reclining. I like to work on my laptop while I'm in it, and it's difficult with the China Recliner Chair back, so I usually put a pillow behind me, and then it's fine. I also wish it would stay locked in the fully reclining position, for when you want to do recline all the way, it only will if you're fully seated back in the seat and China Recliner Chair suppliers, which means your head is hanging off (I'm 5'6"). Still, I can't complain about either of those things when the recliner chair china price is so low. I'm also careful to not put too much pressure on the arms, since some people said the arms collapsed, so hopefully if I'm cognizant of that I won't have trouble. I would say if you can afford, and have the room, for a bigger, nicer recliner chair china I would order it, but if you're on a budget, like me, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how nice this Recliner Chair Manufacturers is. I am very glad that I got this China Recliner Chair!