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This recliner and ottoman clearance is very easy, and this chair is easy to maintain, because the fabric of this chair is bonded leather, and it will be clean when you gently wipe it. This green leather recliner chair is covered with green bonded leather, very special and stylish. The green leather recliner chair can let you walk out from his seat, including cable power control and hugger wall design, only need to 4 inches of clearance from the wall inclined or lift, so this kind of green leather recliner chair more save a space.

The material of the green leather recliner chair is very good, so you can use for a long time, its framework is very strong, strong, but its chair cushion filling is very soft, so it can give you a stable and comfortable feeling.
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For example, this lounge chair:
Frame material: built with a composite hardwood frame to increase strength and stability.
Decorative materials: 100% polyurethane and polyblend base.
The cable controller has two easy-to-use buttons for lifting and lowering, simply keeping the button up to your comfort level.
The side bag holds the cable controller.
95-inch power cord UL certification.
A cushion between a chair and a leg to support a truly comfortable lounge chair.
Pad filled with high density foam, polyester fiber and independent packaging pocket coil.
Steel slanting mechanism.
Insulated spring clamps to reduce noise.
Our efficient product and packaging design allows us to use less fossil fuel in the entire supply chain, all kinds of parts at the end of the use of recycled, so more environmental protection, you can rest assured use.
Assembly is very easy and takes less than 15 minutes to assemble.