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This pride lift recliner is a 3-position slanting chair - walnut pride seat provides excellent comfort, solid performance.
Pride lift recliner adopts the engineering furniture class laminate/hardwood frame.
The pride lift recliner has a smooth lifting system, and it has a heavy lift drive mechanism and scissors mechanism.
The pride lift recliner has two storage pockets on the side, and it has two other cups that allow you to rest and enjoy your drinks.

Motorized recliner lift chair has two pieces of integrated battery backup in case of power cuts.
Provide a high quality motorized recliner lift chair comfortable and reliable performance and the improvement of family, modern style, at the same time, the price is very favourable. The classic series of motorized recliner lift chair chair USES walnut color, motorized recliner lift chair there is a quiet and smooth three-position lifting system, as well as a comfortable, fiber filling, the design of the strap.

Best power lift recliner chair full product features:
Color: walnut;
Engineering furniture class laminate/hardwood frame;
Static and stationary lifting system;
Heavy lift drive mechanism;
Standard head and arm cover;
Flame retardants - standard, large double pockets, detachable back
Integrated battery backup during power failure.
Best power lift recliner chair, allowing easy sitting. This best power lift recliner chair's horizontal and elevating mechanism can be controlled by an attached remote control, which is driven by a silent motor, so this best power lift recliner chair is basically noiseless. This best power lift recliner chair is made of a super soft and comfortable leather. Designed to completely tilt and provide ultimate comfort.
The best power lift recliner chair is easy to assemble, and you can complete the assembly in about 10 minutes. Also, the quality of this chair is very good, and you don't have to worry about its quality.