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I'll give okyoo the power rocker recliner five-star rating, which is definitely worth it. I bought this power rocker recliner for my husband as a birthday present. He said he was comfortable sitting on it. He loved it. The power rocker recliner is self-assembled, and of course it's easy to assemble. It is the base of the rigid steel frame, look very strong, the manual says the power rocker recliner can bear the weight of 300 pounds, so a person sit on it completely no problem, I am going to my parents to buy one.

I just received this grey rocker recliner today, and the seat and back is made of adhesive materials, so it's not as heavy as I thought it would be, but it's worth the price. The grey rocker recliner's outer leather looks gorgeous and may need regular cleaning and maintenance. I've been pregnant for more than eight months, but I'm really comfortable sitting on this grey rocker recliner. The handle on both sides can adjust the tilt of the grey rocker recliner, and it's okay to lie flat.

This leather rocker chair is definitely excellent quality and reasonable price! I thought the big leather rocker chair would be damaged during the transit, but not at all. It's easy to assemble this leather rocker chair without any special tools or a lot of effort. I bought this leather rocker chair for more than two months, and every day I was rocking back and forth with no quality problems. I hope okyoo can have more products like this.