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Super power lift recliner chair, allowing easy sitting. The horizontal and lifting mechanism can be controlled by an attached remote control - the deck chair is driven by a silent motor. Power lift recliner chair is made of a super soft and comfortable leather. The power lift recliner chair is designed to tilt completely and provide the ultimate comfort. Some assembly requirements. This power lift recliner chair covers fabric, artificial leather. The interior is filled with high density foam and is very soft and comfortable.

This pride lift chair is a 3-position slanting chair - walnut pride seat provides excellent comfort and strong performance.
This pride lift chairs adopt the engineering furniture class laminate/hardwood frame.
This pride lift chair also has a smooth lifting system, heavy lift drive mechanism and scissors mechanism.
Pride lift chairs and integrated battery backup to prevent power outages.

High quality lazy boy lift chairs provide comfortable, reliable performance and home improvement, modern style, and affordable. The lazy boy lift chairs, with a walnut color, has a quiet, three-position lifting system and a comfortable, fiber-filled, buckled design.
The complete product features and specifications of this lazy boy lift chair are as follows:
The characteristics of the whole slanting chair of the classic series 3 position;
Color: walnut;
Engineering furniture class laminate/hardwood frame;
Static and stationary lifting system;
Heavy lift drive mechanism;
Standard head and arm cover;
Large double pockets, detachable back;
Integrated battery backup during power failure.
Lazy boy lift chairs are comfortable and memory foam seat structure. Wear durable Culp fabrics. Highly adjustable arm for custom comfort. Pneumatic hoist with tilt adjustment and locking function. Five star aluminum and caster are easy to move. To promote and maintain the ideal spinal curvature; The waist supports self - adjustment to different posture.