For all levels of competence: our comfortable, luxurious lounge chairs are carefully designed to serve the elderly and all the seniors with ability levels. This chair has a powerful lift and reclining mechanism that will help you get in and out of your comfortable seats without hurting your back and knees. For those recovering from the surgery, the efficient chair is controlled with a rope so it won't be lost. So, it's a great power lift chair for seniors. This is a very suitable recliner chair for seniors. High quality and luxurious design: 7 oaks power elevator recliners combine top quality materials, effective and smooth design. It features heated and unheated massages, soft bonding leather and a complete range, adjustable slanting back, so that you can choose a perfect location to fit your comfort zone. With a very reliable and reliable mechanism, it can guarantee the ultimate value, which is the best solution for yourself or the person you love. 3 minute Settings: if you're worried about setting up your new recliner, don't. We prioritize convenience and quality and make sure our chairs are very easy to install and use. That's why we have specific reasons? Because it's easy to set up, this lift recliner for seniors is very suitable for older people. Excellent customer service: if you are tired of in front of the customer service is not responding, every time you are shopping online, and hope to all of your request are immediate and effective response, you are in the right place. With our first-class, friendly customer service and excellent after-sales service support, you will feel kindly taken care of. Your happiness is our top priority The lift recliner for seniors' elevator features a smooth, quiet, massage that allows customers to leave their seats and use only their backs. You can use heat without a massage, but it's not a choice. This chair fits perfectly for the customer. If you want a chair that suits you, you'll like it.