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Are you tired of uncomfortable and cramped office chairs? This portable chair lift is a great option.
Portable chair lift features:
This portable chair lift has a large size and extra thick seating for women and men.
The portable chair lift have by tilting the use of adjustable control handle, we suggest you different Angle different usage, 90 - degree tilt, for game 100 degrees, 120 degrees of reading, 150 degrees of rest, you can lie down, sleep early in 170 degrees
Support and removable headrest, back support, for additional comfort and protection of your neck and spine long streamline ergonomic seats.
This portable chair lift has parallel adjustable handrails.
Easy to reach 3.2 inch seat height adjustment/integral rotary racing chair can weigh 330 LBS.
This chair rotates a computer game that can tilt at a 170-degree Angle and can be tilted automatically or in a tilted position.

The leather lift recliners are covered with a fashionable beige synthetic leather. This leather lift recliners allows you to get out of the seat and only need 4 inches of clearance from the wall to tilt or lift, and use less floor space when tilting. So, this leather lift recliners takes up less space. Also, the leather lift recliners' fabrics are very clean and durable.

This small lift chairs frame material: hardwood frame structure with laminated hardwood structure, which increases strength and is very strong.
Decoration of this small lift chair: taupe.
Interior decoration material: 100% polyurethane, polyurethane.
This small lift chair cable controller has two simple buttons to lift or tilt, just keep the button up until your comfort level is reached.
The side pocket is equipped with a wired controller, which is very convenient.
95-inch power cord UL approval.
Cushion the chair with an entire cushion between the chair and the legs to support the truly comfortable recliner.
This small lift chair is filled with a soft pad filled with high density sponges, polyester fibers and an independent packaging pocket coil.
Steel slanting mechanism.
Insulated spring clamps for noise reduction.
Our highly efficient products and packaging designs make our use of fossil fuels throughout the supply chain less than standard furniture,
Various components can be recycled at the end of the use.