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This playstation 4 gaming chair is ideal for playing video games, listening to music, watching TV, reading books, and relaxing.
The playstation 4 gaming chair has a 4-speaker all-around surround sound and a powerful low-pitched sound, and it USES innovative AFM technology.
This playstation 4 gaming chair has an extra vibrating motor and bass sync to enhance your whole body experience.
In addition, the playstation 4 gaming chair has built-in radio wireless receiver, wireless transmitter to work with any source of RCA output, optional RCA cables and added comfort for the stability and the head rest parts.

Welcome to the world of interactive audio. Using the race car gaming chair wireless audio game chair, you can now not only hear your music, but also feel it. Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, the race car gaming chair will provide you with a comfortable position. The race car gaming chair has four speakers and a subwoofer, using the Ace Bayou innovative audio power modulation technique. The AFM includes speakers and port power subwoofers, and USES open Spaces within the X rocker. The race car gaming chair also has an additional vibrating motor that syncs with your audio bass to create a more powerful body feel. The race car gaming chair gives you extra stability, and heavy, extra backrest and headrest will keep you comfortable for hours on end. The race car gaming chair control panel including single volume, bass and vibration control, as well as the input and output jack, used to connect to your audio source and other X rocker multiplayer games. The wireless receiver is built in, and the box includes your wireless transmitter, which can be delivered to your game seat via a headset or RCA. Optional RCA cables are also included.
This is our race car gaming chair with a backrest. Unlike regular office chairs, this chair features extra comfort in those long hours. It has a very comfortable back, around the mold, and supports your back. Our project will enable you to have comfortable and safe experience on a busy working day.

A replica of a bucket seat.
New modern style, beautiful and generous, practical and strong.
Comfortable, attractive, supportive.
Elegant nylon foundation and gas lift design.
High load capacity.
Comfortable armrest.
360-degree rotations and chairs can run smoothly on the floor.
5 castor wheel is used for greater stability.
Pneumatic seat height adjustment.
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