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The pc gaming chair with speakers can be plugged into a variety of gaming systems, including the XBOX, XBOX 360, PlayStation and nintendo systems (including DS), and is built with a built-in 2.0 audio system. Control is on the side, let you adjust the sound of the stereo at any time. This PC gaming chair with speakers is filled with comfortable foam - back polyester, durable design, and simple folding cover features, making this PC gaming chair with speakers more desirable.
This PC gaming chair with speakers cannot connect directly to a gaming system that relies on HDMI connections (such as Xbox One and ps4), but it can be used with these systems when you connect via TV. The game console connects TV and TV to the chair and audio cable.
This PC gaming chair with speakers is available for all game consoles/PCS.
All the stability you need, polyester paint;
Total adjustment control, the lightest total weight;
Gear remover can be installed on both sides of open wheel racing simulator;
Steering wheel control is not included. Including gear shifting mountains. Car seat simulators provide stability and comfort. You can't find it that easy. Its simple design and high-quality material make it a unique accessory peace for any steering wheel and video gaming platform. The chassis and the highest car seats provide all the stability a game driver needs to have a full game control. In perfect comfort.

The gaming chair with stand can work with PS4, PS3, Xbox One, xbox360, logitech and twitter.
This gaming chair with stand is a real racing seat: forward and backward sliding, plus its back.
Wheel installation adjustment/downward and forward/backward pedal installation adjustments from 10 to 40 degrees.
The new centerless design is heel/toe friendly.
This is the gaming chair with stand with strong steel structure, so it is very durable.
Immerse yourself in the driving simulator seat. This gaming chair with stand is a real racing seat, sliding forward, backward and backward. Strong steel frames have adjustable brackets: wheels, pedals, and shifters.

Gaming chair no wheels:
All new designs are heel/toe friendly and super stable;
Applicable to any game console or personal computer;
Seat adjustment: forward/backward taxi;
Wheel seat adjustment: top/bottom and front/rear base rail;
Pedal installation adjustment: from 10 to 40 degrees;
Strong steel structure and real racing seats;
Designed for: PS4,PS3,Xbox One, xbox360, logitech, twitter master.
This gaming chair no wheels has detailed assembly instructions and seats. Tools are included. Once the seat is fully assembled, use the easy grip of the star knob to get the perfect fit. This super-comfortable gaming chair no wheels moves forward or backward, plus its back. A realistic and interesting racing experience awaits!
The gaming chair no wheels seat can be adjusted back and forth in orbit.
The gearbox is installed at 9 inches, 4 inches x 3.5 inches, adjustable inside and outside, with 4 holes to choose from.
The pedal has eight adjustable angles, measuring 12 "x 12.5" and 30 holes to choose from.
The steering wheel bracket is 17 inches (largest) of W (hx22.75).
The steering wheel stand is adjusted from 22 to 26 inches, with a size of 10.25 inches (6.75 inches) and 11 installation options.
All three gaming chair are great, and if you like, buy it.

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