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The oversized rocker recliner chair materials: bonded leather and wood;
Color: black.
The oversized rocker recliner chair foot extension and lean back function.
The oversized rocker recliner chair has a strong framework and strong feet, to increase the stability and strength.
The oversized rocker recliner chair style is relaxed, it has a solid framework and solid feet, increase the strength and stability.

This comfortable small black recliner is perfect for little space, and it's a great place to nap or read.
The price of this small black recliner is very favorable. It has a solid wood frame and is very strong. So the stability of this small black recliner is good.
This small black recliner is an elegant deck-chair! It's easy to assemble and comfortable to sit on, and I'm sure you'll be happy if you buy this chair.

This teal recliner chair adds extra to any living room to make your living room more stylish.
The surface of the teal recliner chair is covered with corduroy, which feels very good and feels very comfortable to sit on.
This teal recliner chair is made of plywood and fabric.
This teal recliner chair is awesome, it's made of plywood and fabric and corduroy. It has a warm light brown or deep sage. These low-key tones allow it to fit into most existing interior designs. The lounge chair in the living room has many colors and has a smooth tilt mechanism. It's soft, comfortable and popular. This weave cover is easy to clean and maintain. This lounge chair is an ideal place to watch TV, relax or take a nap. The switch is in the fast range of the right handrail. On a long day or weekend, you are free to stand up. If you want a comfortable and lasting seat, this collection of corduroy lounge chairs is a great option.
Finish of corduroy;
The mechanism of the deck chair of the glider;
The lounge chair has a variety of colors, made of plywood and easy-to-clean fabrics.
The product has many colors to choose from.