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I've been buying this navy rocker recliner for half a year, and it's really good quality, and the price is pretty cheap. It was supposed to be difficult to assemble, but I had assembled this navy rocker recliner in less than 10 minutes. Its size is just right, and my husband and I can lie completely on this navy rocker recliner. There are a lot of people in the comments who say it takes a lot of effort to close this navy rocker recliner, but I don't think it's a disadvantage, which means that it has a very good spring. I've recommended okyoo's navy rocker recliner to all my friends, and it's really worth buying.

In buy this oversized swivel rocker recliner I hesitated for a long time before, never before on the net to buy furniture, because worried about damage caused during transport. But the oversized swivel rocker recliner right away, I really can't believe, from packaging to the chair itself, not a little defective. I see there are some other amazon site logistics is very fast, but their comments, said the oversized swivel rocker recliner to have gone bad, so 15 days will be well worth the wait. Its back and seat comfortable and soft, bringing the footstool of very convenient also, I really can't find the oversized swivel rocker recliner any faults.

I search the Internet for many days, want to buy a to sleep and as a function of the crib chair, until a friend recommended to me the ladies rocker recliner, only lying on a minute I am completely in love with it! Its back is high enough to fully support your head, which is where I love the ladies rocker recliner. It has a button that controls the slanting Angle of the ladies rocker recliner and allows it to move back and forth, giving people a comfortable feel. I use it now as a crib, my baby in this ladies rocker recliner
It was comfortable and not crying at all. Anyway, I'm happy with this ladies rocker recliner.